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There are many types of products used in and around the construction of commercial buildings. For water supply and recycled or reclaimed water services. Drainage, stormwater, wastewater and sewage from buildings and conduits used to house and protect electrical and communications wiring and cabling. Distribution across all regions of Australia with a comprehensive product range you can be confident we’ll have a solution.


Australia is the driest continent on earth but one of the highest per-capita consumers of water in the world. Infrastructure projects are vital to the future of Australia's growth and continued prosperity. Daemco is at the leading edge of providing innovative solutions to meet this ongoing and growing demand. Providing engineering advice on pipeline design, product selection, installation and cost-benefit analysis. We welcome joint venture opportunities with our clients to assist in offering alternatives to traditional solutions.


Daemco Irrigation offers quality, reliable and leading edge products and solutions combined with exceptional customer service. Our experienced and qualified team can advise and assist in pipeline design, product selection, installation advice, training and cost benefit analysis. Distribution across all regions of Australia with a comprehensive product range you can be confident we'll have a solution for you.


Daemco is able to offer solutions that help make the mining and refining processes safer and more efficient with the focus on looking after the bottom line. The corrosive and abrasive matter managed during plays havoc on pipelines and valve arrangements that typical require repairs and costly downtime. With the goal of helping our customers create more productive operations we offer quality products that are manufactured above the industry standards.


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