DN125 & DN180 PN16

In Brief

The PE Restraint Joint is an easy and quick installation method for connections between PE pipes and PE pipes to ductile iron fittings. The advantages of the PE Restraint Joint is that it doesn’t require any specialised equipment or installation and can be used in any weather condition. Tightening the bolts clamps the grip ring onto the PE pipe, making a fully restrained connection. The socket uses a lip seal rubber gasket for a complete leak tight connection and only the highest grade of materials are used to ensure maximum corrosion protection.

Design Advantage

  • Fully Restraint Connection

  • Seal Replacement whilst under pressure

  • Gate Guide for low torque opening and closing

  • Full bore waterway

  • Smooth opening and closing operation


Suitable for above and below ground installations, potable water, recycled water, waste water, fire and irrigation applications

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