Our Team

Daemco Australia was born from a desire to bring new and innovative products and services into a market that has up until recent years operated very traditionally.

The Executive Director of Daemco is a Scientist and Physicist. After been told numerous times by the Engineers that his "creation" was not able to be manufactured he decided to take affirmative action.  After completing further higher education in Manufacturing Engineering he was finally able to bring his innovative ideas from dreams to reality.


Neither ideas nor dreams are accomplished without a team working together with the same goals and vision. Hence, Daemco has a visionary, proactive and systematic team of experts in project management, logistics, supply chain and commercialisation working together. Collectively we enable, through provocative thinking and deep understanding of the industry, new ideas and concepts that address our clients’ needs with the right cost, quality and timing. 


You will not find in any other company a team as dynamic, harmonious and driven, with a creative vision to set new heights within the industry with an underlying focus of delivering innovative products and services in everything that is offered.


So why wait? Contact us now so we can discuss how we can work with you leap frog your competitors and collectively grow the industry we love!