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DAEMCO has full engineering capabilities across all disciplines required to develop sophisticated products, including mechanical engineering and 3D Modelling CAD, industrial design, mechatronics, electronics, software,  manufacturing and science. We have available fully equiped workshops, laboratories for reliability, performance and pressure testing as well as sophisticated 3D printing capabilities.



We have extensive experience in establishing manufacturing operations, in both developed and low-cost regions, for clients around the world. We are also an original design manufacturer (ODM) where we can design and manufacture your product as specified and brand it yours. You gain the advantage of having your own branded and unique product without having to engage in the running of a manufacturing plant.


Product certification provides confidence to industry, regulators and consumers that your products are certified to meet the requirements of the specified standard. We are experts in the field of all types of product certification which include ISO Type 5, Watermark I and II, Water Efficiency Labelling and Standard, Minimum Energy Performance Standards covering gas, electrical and water products.


The WSAA National Product Appraisals program is a voluntary scheme introduced by the Water Services Association of Australia to provide a single coordinated appraisal of a product's conformity to the needs of the urban water businesses. We are able to assist you in navigating the process in achieving a successful recommendation within a timely manner, giving you that much needed competitive edge.