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Supply chain is defined as the entire process of making and selling commercial goods, including every stage from the supply of materials and the manufacture of the goods through to their distribution and sale. Successfully managing the supply chain is essential to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our team of experts who manage the supply chain ensure that when you place your order it moves through the process easily and timely so that you receive your goods exactly when and where you want them delivered.

We ensure we stay connected with you through live and regular communication, so you know the status of your order at every stage within the process.

Customer service excellence and dedicated service delivery is the only benchmark we accept. That’s what we offer to you.

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Innovation can be viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs or existing market requirements.


Product innovation is accomplished through our understanding of the industry combined with years of experience, training, education and good old fashioned hard work spent in the trenches.


We prove our core technology, verify the market need and establish the product concept before moving on to the next stages of the production development and commercialisation process.


Combined with a high level of collaboration, design led thinking along with working with key stakeholders who will ultimately install, own and maintain the asset.


We strive to stay abreast of emerging technologies so that we can apply these in new ways to improve a products performance, longevity, installation and reduced maintenance requirements.


Product development is a process that involves taking a product from initial concept to final market launch. It is both exciting and a challenging endeavour. From initial ideation to research and prototyping, no two product launches are the same.

We have full engineering capabilities across all disciplines required to develop sophisticated products including mechanical engineering, 3D CAD Modelling, FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and industrial design. We currently have onsite four 3D Printers, one of which can print up to 1m3 which enables us to prototype 1:1 scaled product prototypes for review.


We are able to design, develop and manufacture both components or fully assembled finished goods using a multitude of technologies which include casting, forging, metal fabrication, injection moulding, CNC machining to name a few.


If you have a component or product that you would like to discuss we welcome your enquiry.



Product certification provides confidence to industry, regulators, asset owners and consumers that the product has been independently assessed to comply with national and international standards, purchase specifications and industry guides.

We are experts in the field of all types of product certification which include ISO Type 5, Watermark I and II, WELS water efficiency labelling, MEPS minimum energy performance covering gas, electrical and water products.


As a corporate member of the IICA (Institute of Instrumentation, Control and Automation) we represent the IICA on the standard committee WS-022 Valves for Waterworks Purposes.


Actively participating in industry events and forums so that we understand the on-going and ever changing and improving regulatory framework to ensure product compliance.



The WSAA National Product Appraisals program is a voluntary scheme introduced by the Water Services Association of Australia to provide a single coordinated appraisal of a products conformity to the needs to the urban water businesses. We are able to assist you in navigating the process in achieving a successful recommendation within a timely manner.

All products that Daemco offer, where there is a WSA PS (Water Services Association Purchase Specification) have a WSAA Product Appraisal. All our appraisals can be found and downloaded on the applicable product pages to provide you with the confidence of our products conformity.

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